Feb 242017

Every feasible technology will be used, and every admitted principle will be exploited.

Feb 222017

Collegiality is implacably hostile to independence of mind, and it can be avoided only by not having colleagues.

Feb 212017

Relativism, n.  The belief that all things are relative, though some are more relative than others.

Feb 202017

You are an ideologue if your views can be inferred from your vocabulary.

Feb 172017

Writers can write nonsense without ill effect. It is when readers put up with, then expect, and finally demand it that civilization ends.

Feb 162017

Elite political opinion is influential because it is believed to be. When the belief disappears, so does the influence.

Feb 152017

You can have nice things, or you can let everybody use them.

Feb 142017

Knowing that we are not well, we hastily conclude that we are ill.

Feb 132017

To lose one’s money folly used to be enough; today it also requires ambition.