Aug 052016

Inspiration only dramatizes thought for those who cannot think. Physical laws do not come from falling apples, or poems from opium dreams.

Aug 042016

What makes a fool? The gap between what he knows and what he thinks he knows — in short, opinions.

Aug 032016

Free speech means, more technically, that the value of any given utterance asymptotically approaches zero.

Aug 022016

Liars love to be lied to: indeed they insist on it.

Aug 012016

Civilizations expire, unnoticed, in a rabble of compilers, curators, connoisseurs, encyclopedists, mashers-up, aficionados.

Jul 292016

Any idiot can have a good idea; it takes a genius to recognize one.

Jul 282016

Nobody writes for the love of it. At best you write because it is less painful than not writing.

Jul 272016

Worship of youth ends in contempt for age.

Jul 262016

People who back their wheelchairs into you never apologize. Such is the insouciance of the officially oppressed.