Apr 282016

A civilized man need not know a little about everything, but he must know a lot about something.

Apr 272016

Never call someone a pseudo-intellectual unless you are sure that you would recognize a real one.

Apr 262016

I often need to hear what I say to know what I think.

Apr 252016

America’s religion is not Christianity; it is self-help.

Apr 222016

The audience will always be out of step with the artist, for one is just arriving at what the other has long since put out of mind.

Apr 212016

People will like you if you like them, which is too high a price.

Apr 202016

The politician’s favorite tools are organizations that profess themselves above politics.

Apr 192016

The usual fantasy life is only a deluxe version of the actual one.

Apr 182016

The pursuit of higher wisdom always seems to begin with discarding whatever lower wisdom you may possess.

Apr 152016

If we really watched the weather we would talk about it even more than we do.