Dec 132016

Bad manners can put someone off once; it takes perfect manners to put him off for good.

Dec 122016

Two parties will often heatedly dispute a fact which, if it could be definitely established, would change the opinion of neither.

Dec 092016

A side effect of prolonged silent meditation is being unable to shut up about it afterward.

Dec 082016

Facts, n.  Values that one is unwilling or unable to articulate.

Dec 072016

I wish I could disapprove of what you say without always having to defend to the death your right to say it.

Dec 062016

We all want different things, at different times, in different circumstances — this is the source of the great paradoxes of human nature.

Dec 052016

Caligula wished that the people of Rome had but one neck: in modern terms, he had a passion for equality.

Dec 022016

The most vexing problem in psychology is the happiness and success of our inferiors.

Nov 302016

We elect such hideous candidates, and we are all such lovely people.