Jan 252017

Most of us have finally learned to stop glamorizing poverty; now if we could only learn to stop glamorizing wealth.

Jan 242017

The mark of the journalist is to confuse truth with accuracy.

Jan 232017

To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves is impossible and impertinent.

Jan 202017

That anything is good should always be a surprise.

Jan 192017

Having forgotten how to ask after truth, we ask after sincerity.

Jan 182017

Crime committed on a large enough scale ceases to be criminal. It becomes business as usual, or Realpolitik, or statesmanship.

Jan 172017

We generally adopt a new opinion by persuading ourselves that we have always held it.

Jan 162017

Reputations are made, and unmade, but never remade.

Jan 132017

Major vices are too alien and fascinating to earn our unalloyed contempt; we reserve that for minor ones.

Jan 122017

An idea both novel and interesting is almost surely wrong.