Nov 232016

The Off button has grown smaller, and scarcer, and harder to find; soon it will disappear.

Nov 222016

We can almost forgive the genius for being sane, but not for being happy.

Nov 212016

We despise capitalism, democracy, and technology not for giving us what we want, but for showing us what we want.

Nov 182016

Pedantry begins as a parasite on fastidiousness, and eventually destroys its host.

Nov 172016

Sometimes we encounter ideas that cannot be reconciled with what we already believe, and these we call untrue.

Nov 152016

What is most original is least influential, for we are influenced only by what we can assimilate.

Nov 142016

It is because we regard conforming opinions as virtue that we treat deviant ones as vice.

Nov 112016

If you believe the reviewers when they call you a genius, you will believe them when they call you a fool.

Nov 102016

For most of history it was prohibited for the mass of men to express themselves: then, briefly, it was permitted: now it is required.