Dec 262014

To write is to attempt to assemble a serviceable cottage from the ruins of the castle of thought.

Dec 252014

The conservative rarely vouches for the health of the patient; he merely prefers the disease to the cure.

Dec 242014

People will cheerfully confess ignorance of a topic and reject indignantly the suggestion that it might debar them from an opinion.

Dec 232014

The dream of escaping oneself can be realized, in part, by escaping other people’s ideas of oneself.

Dec 192014

If you wish to change a man’s beliefs, you have to give him something to replace them.

Dec 182014

There’s not much point in age without wisdom, or youth without folly.

Dec 172014

All intellectuals must begin as pseudo-intellectuals.

Dec 152014

If you hear hoofbeats, and see stripes, think zebras, not horses.