Sep 022015

When God wants to punish you, He sends a person of bad character who shares all of your opinions.

Sep 012015

No instrument of measure requires such dextrous handling as the questionnaire.

Aug 312015

No-brainer, n.   An idea that is extremely persuasive as long as you don’t think about it.

Aug 282015

Dare to be great, but remember to be adequate.

Aug 272015

Identity is not given, but won, and lost, day by day, a little at a time.

Aug 262015

Continuous moral progress of the species is an idea so grotesquely flattering that it cannot possibly be true.

Aug 252015

When you have a thousand followers, you have an audience; when you have a million, it has you.

Aug 242015

Almost everyone believes in science; it is history that no one believes in.

Aug 212015

Now we celebrate human diversity, having spent the last few millennia obliterating it.

Aug 202015

Religious Belief, Ranked by Body Count

3. Polytheism
2. Monotheism
1. Atheism