Aug 262014

A man can adapt to nearly anything, but only two or three times.

Aug 252014

The heretic is not punished for error: he is punished for heresy.

Aug 222014

It is a kind of madness, never to sicken at the sound of your own voice.

Aug 202014

That no one is above the Law is less a principle than a threat.

Aug 192014

The reader will often reject, when it is explained and argued for, what he would swallow if it were stated baldly and unadorned.

Aug 182014

Inflict the punishment, and the crime will be inferred.

Aug 152014

People put up with more from software than they ever would from humans.

Aug 142014

Relativity is uncertainty for infants, Heisenberg for children, and Gödel for adolescents. Uncertainty for adults is the halting problem.

Aug 132014

Too bourgeois is an irritant, not bourgeois enough a disaster.