Jul 142017

Having got this world for free, we expect to pay dearly for the next.

Jul 132017

Everyone says what he would never do, and no one knows it.

Jul 122017

Flawlessness is a trivial quality in a work of art.

Jul 112017

Most write to make themselves heard; I write to shut others up.

Jul 102017

Fiction is more confining than history, for fiction must be plausible, while history need only be real.

Jul 072017

Problem, n.  In mathematics: A problem. In social science: A state of affairs with which one is unhappy.

Jul 062017

The end of civilization will likely not be preceded by general alarm over civilization’s impending end.

Jul 052017

Problematic, against all odds, has become a useful word, as a sign to stop reading.

Jul 042017

Reasonable, adj.  Good at thinking of reasons.

Jul 032017

Democracy and war are the most efficient mechanisms for becoming angry at large groups of people one has never met.