Aug 242016

That the many knowledgeable and intelligent people who disagree with you are deluded is the most common delusion of all.

Aug 232016

For himself a man will go only so far. To stop at nothing, discard every scruple, he must be convinced that he will make a better world.

Aug 192016

We would do better to speak of gaps in our ignorance.

Aug 182016

Liberality is exactly like liberalism, except with your own money.

Aug 172016

There is bad art about which one can say a good deal, and great art about which one can say nothing.

Aug 152016

Societies toy with dissenters like cats with mice — a few escape, the rest wearied unto death. The short way is more respectful and humane.

Aug 122016

Without disgust there is nothing to tolerate or to forgive.

Aug 112016

You can be sure that everyone has heard the news when you are told to keep it to yourself.