Everything – Page 103 – A book of aphorisms
Jun 222018

It turns out to be entirely possible to know where you’re going and not where you came from, and vice versa.

Jun 212018

“Middle age” is the most optimistic phrase in the English language.

Jun 192018

There is no job so simple that its performance can be measured.

Jun 182018

Community college used to be high school with ashtrays, and then that was college, and then they took away the ashtrays.

Jun 152018

No prejudice is worth having unless one regards it, at least privately, as a mature, objective judgment.

Jun 142018

To the problem of different opinions political science offers two solutions, idealism and realism. Idealism: different opinions should not exist. Realism: different opinions do not exist.

Jun 132018

Iron Law of Movie Romance: If there are kids, they always decide whom the parent will marry.

Jun 122018

The only known cure for More for Some is Less for All.