Nov 152016

What is most original is least influential, for we are influenced only by what we can assimilate.

Nov 142016

It is because we regard conforming opinions as virtue that we treat deviant ones as vice.

Nov 112016

If you believe the reviewers when they call you a genius, you will believe them when they call you a fool.

Nov 102016

For most of history it was prohibited for the mass of men to express themselves: then, briefly, it was permitted: now it is required.

Nov 092016

What you don’t know you can’t leave out.

Nov 082016

The heartfelt periodic resolutions to give up a vice are no small part of its enjoyment.

Nov 072016

The wish is occasionally the father of the thought, but more often the midwife.

Nov 042016

The one indispensable element in starting a business is gross overconfidence.

Nov 032016

Money makes all things possible, such as not caring about money.

Nov 022016

Don’t worry about the facts. You can always find the ones you need.