Nov 272015

We take so little trouble to please our friends and so much to placate our enemies.

Nov 262015

Americans must be stupid; they are so rich.

Nov 252015

Latin Americans may have a larger vocabulary for military coups than Inuits do for snow.

Nov 242015

The pettier the grievance, the louder the complaint.

Nov 232015

All sources are biased, all evidence is tainted, and all consciousness is bourgeois.

Nov 202015

If content were king, Santa would work for the elves.

Nov 192015

“You are evil” — all lower-class arguments take this form. “You are stupid” is the higher class.

Nov 182015

The erroneous belief is the minor problem, the excessive conviction the major one.

Nov 172015

People who like sports say a lot more intelligent things about sports than people who like art say about art.