Feb 172016

Vehemence is the infallible sign of opinion.

Feb 152016

It is the rare philosopher who notices how well most of the world gets on without philosophy.

Feb 122016

The very worst people are never much interested in money.

Feb 112016

The admission that irreparably damages the argument is introduced, by convention, with “of course”.

Feb 102016

That truth is stranger than fiction ought to embarrass novelists considerably.

Feb 092016

Great general causes, in history, are the tinder: chance is the match.

Feb 082016

Arguable, adj.   What one is unwilling to argue about.

Feb 052016

The hedgehog, who knows one big thing, has many disciples, and the fox, who knows many things, has none.

Feb 042016

Why is experience the best teacher? Because we only really listen to ourselves.