May 112015

Robes always dignify begging — saffron for the Buddhist monk, black for the college president.

May 082015

One must often choose between stupid and crazy. I used to like crazy, but I am warming to stupid.

May 072015

You think you have a job. What you have is a consulting company with only one client.

May 062015

Every party looks its best out of power.

May 052015

Now we say that we do not understand what we only disapprove, and soon we truly will not understand.

May 042015

Being a sports fan is like chewing audibly — a mildly irritating but harmless backwardness that one charitably overlooks.

May 012015

To make a man miserable don’t bother with his future, just poison his past.

Apr 302015

One cannot read journalism without being reminded how often journalism is its subject.

Apr 292015

The trouble with physics is that it doesn’t scale.

Apr 282015

When people say that you’re consistent they mean that you’re deranged.