Jan 132015

The best teachers and preachers are never caught at it.

Jan 122015

No one wants realism in fiction — only a bit of reality tinsel to decorate the old myths.

Jan 092015

People never appreciate how I cringe for them.

Jan 082015

Pretentious nonsense and pseudo-difficulty drive truly difficult problems out of circulation, as bad money drives out good.

Jan 072015

The artist-provocateur does more damage than he knows: he immunizes his audience against shock, and who cannot be shocked cannot be moved.

Jan 062015

Most of the people who have ever lived have been almost entirely inarticulate, and we know nothing about them.

Jan 052015

Success, n.   A not entirely unbroken record of failure.

Jan 022015

You call a man a cynic when you can’t call him wrong, and an idealist when you don’t want to.

Dec 312014

You change the code to make it possible to change the code.