Jan 192016

Principles of Software Diagnostics

1. The error is simple.
2. The error is your own.

Jan 182016

Ideology, n. A theory that explains everything except its genesis.

Jan 142016

Doubt the tale while you live it, lest you fall
Victim to its retrospective pall.

Jan 132016

It is the disappearance of slavery in reality that has caused its profusion in metaphor.

Jan 122016

The right way to take a remark that you are told not to take the wrong way is as the gross insult it always is.

Jan 112016

Rhetoric, n.  An argument that one is unwilling to believe and unable to refute. Cf. sophistry.

Jan 082016

I often hear rumors of people with low self-esteem, and someday I hope to meet one.

Jan 072016

There are born fools, but most of us have to work at it.